Egnite Marketing Ltd is a company with the ownership of the e-commerce platform, www.876marketplace.com, a platform for the sale of Jamaican products and services. Egnite Marketing Ltd has created an e-commerce platform where Jamaican manufacturers and services providers are afforded the opportunity of selling their products and services with potential buyers within the Jamaican market and the rest of the world.

www.876marketplace.com will serve as an international e-commerce website that offers a wide range of quality Jamaican made products such as Art & Craft, Food, Natural Skincare, Hair care, fashion, home accessories, upcycled art as well as top quality service products. It is evident in Jamaica that most businesses are unable to sell their products beyond their immediate environments. As a company, we understand that if we are able to introduce this unique platform into the market, while providing the necessary resources needed, there will be an increase in trade for the country as the internet seeks to link Jamaican businesses to the wider world.

What we offer

We have combined a list of services that we believe plays an important part in our Jamaican businesses ability to represent brand Jamaica at a global level both online and offline.

  • Online Marketing Support (Digital media marketing and SEO) cost may vary depending on you’re needs
  • Offline Marketing Support– Locally and Internationally (On the ground promotion planning)
  • Centralized Customer Service Support
  • Business Development support
  • Public Relations
  • Workshop facilitating topics relating to developing you’re business both online and offline
  • Social media management etc.
  • Website development
  • Graphic Design
  • Financial support (through our financial partner)


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